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Knowledge Exchange, Student Meetings And Games

Knowledge Exchange, Student Meetings And Games

knowledge exchange brams school

Knowledge exchange (KE) is a process which brings together academic staff, users of research and wider groups and communities to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

Why do knowledge exchange?

Knowledge exchange activities help our students to increase the impact of their studies. The interaction between teachers, students, peers excite the inner senses of a student to learn more and also to impart and share what he/she has already acquired. This shall inculcate the habit of understanding others, their ideas and also presenting their own in a group.

In this process, all the participants (Teachers-Students-Counsels) are encouraged to:

  • discuss their ideas, designs, possible advances and setbacks, new avenues of learning, teaching, modern tools.
  • put themselves in another person’s position and ask why they should be interested in your ideas


Student Meeting Brams SchoolStudents Meetings…

Senior students from the school meet their juniors, talk to them about their classes, share their classroom experiences, talk about recent events and current affairs.

Sports / Games…

The Sports teacher take up these meetings, emphasizing the need for sports in a students life, its impact on studies and mind. The teacher also gives out the information about the sports world, achievements of great sports persons and current tournaments around the world.

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